Best Online Meeting Platforms 2021

In this blog, we cover the Best Online Meeting Platforms continuing in 2021.

The truth is most (if not all) of the online meeting platforms provide the same benefits and have the most of “must-have-features” for the online/ virtual meeting software platforms. 

The key difference is on the solutions and the value they provide – What they help event managers achieve. 

The platforms covered in this blog are selected based on their unique attributes i.e. popularity, accessibility, integrations, and suitability, and are mainly focused on small meetings from 1:1 meetings, to up to 50 meeting participants.  

Zoom meetings

1. Zoom Meeting Platform

Zoom meetings platform is the most popular and widely used online meeting platform. The platform has most of the “must-have features” of an online meeting platform.
Key Features;
• Easy to join and accessible on mobile devices.
• Audio and HD Video recordings.
• Connect via desktop, browsers, conference room, and mobile devices.
• Screen sharing, documents sharing and presentations.
• Outlook and Google calendar integration.
• Collaboration and participants moderation tools.
• Audience engagement tools such as polls, reactions, filters, group chats etc.
• Meeting recordings and transcripts.

Best for simple and straight forward meetings from 1 to 1, to up to 1000. See smart ways to use Zoom meetings

Google Meet

2. Google Meeting Platform

Google meeting app/ platform is a great tool/ online meeting platform for google users. 

The platform is simple and easy to use – you can  easily set up the meeting, invite and allow the participants to join within minutes. See google meet app demo here

The platform offers free plan and paid plans – and it really has the great features and functionality for a free plan.

Free Plan features.
• Schedule and invite participants from google calendar.
• Participants can join from the “meet app” mobile application on their mobile devices or browser on their laptops.
• Screen sharing and presentation documents.
• Chat features
• It allows up to 100 participants/ attendees and offers unlimited meetings.

Yet, the platform is suitable for simple and straightforward meetings. 

More about Google meeting paid plans/ pricing here.

skype Conference

3. Skype Meeting Platform

Skype conference calling is one of the most secure, simple and easy to use online meeting platforms. People can create and join the meeting with just a few clicks.

Key Features
• No sign-ups or downloads required.
• Audi and HD video calling.
• Call recording and live subtitles.
• Documents sharing such as PDF, photos, videos and other files up to 300MB by just “drag and drop”.
• Audience engagement features such as reactions/ emojis and @mentions to crap someone’s attention and foster engagement.
• Screen Sharing for presentations.
• And other features, see all features here.

Skype is more “video calling” than conferencing. It is suitable for less formal meetings.

 For more formal business meeting check Skype for Business’ product/ software.

Livestorm meet

4. Livestorm Meet

Livestorm Meet is a browser-based meeting platform – is perfect for business-oriented meetings such as team meetings, sales calls and customer training/ service calls.

Key Features.
• Instant meeting – set up a meeting immediately and share the link with the participants to click, no need for registrations.
• Allow up to 12 participants.
• Meeting recording Screen sharing for presentations.
• Lock meeting rooms for private meeting and conversations.
• Offers free plan which includes unlimited meetings,1 meeting room, for up to 4 participants for 20 minutes duration.
• And the paid plan which includes unlimited meeting rooms, up to 12 people, for four hours and more features. 

The platform is perfect for business oriented meetings. Learn more. 

5. Goto by LogMeIn

Goto offers a wide range of online meeting products, i.e, GoTo ConnectGoTo Room, Goto TrainingGoto Webinar and GoTo Meetings.

The most commonly used platform is Goto Meetings & Webinars, which offers standard video conferencing features such as:
• Webinar features,
• Audio and HD video recordings,
• Screen sharing,
• Dial-in conference line,
• Meeting rooms,
• Mobile conferencing etc.
Explore their products, features and plans here

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