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Conference Venues Checklist

Below is the checklist or points to consider when you selecting a conference venue for your next conference event. 

1. Venue Access

The conference venue must have easy access to major routes and public transport. It must be easily accessible for delegates. 

2. Food & Beverage Services

Catering, food and beverage services can be a critical factor for many conferences and business meetings. Type of food and menu option available should be considered. 

3. Health & Safety

The conference venue must adhere to health and safety regulations.

4. Facilities For Physically Challenged People

You must also consider the facilities for physically challenged people when you select your conference venues. 

For the conferences attracting the audience from national or international, it will be ideal to consider the venue that offers accommodations.

6. AV Technology

The quality of the Audiovisuals and technology provided at the venue will impact how the attendees experience the event. Therefore, it is important to know what type of equipment/ av tech available at the venue.

7. Internet & WiFi

The venue must provide reliable and stable internet & Wifi connection. Things such as internet speed, and free wifi for the delegates/ attendees to connect, should be taken into considerations. 

8. Parking Facilities

The conference venues must provide adequate parking space for the attendees. In selecting the venue you must consider size of your audience expected to becoming with own transport.  

9. Conference Room

Conference rooms for break ways sessions. 

9. Security

Consider security, when selecting conference venues. The area and the venue must be safe for the attendees. 

11. Contract & Policies

Ensure that you understand what is stipulated in the conference venue’s contract, policy, terms & conditions etc.

Disclaimer: The list is not comprehensive, there are lot of other factors to consider such as geographic location, facilities, break away rooms, budget, amenities, specialized services i.e. speakers support, marketing, exhibition stand etc, depending on certain or specific objectives. 

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