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List of Conference Venues in Pretoria

Below is the list of conference venues in Pretoria, South Africa.

CSIR Conference Venue | Virtual and Hybrid Events

CSIR Convention Centre

The CSIR International Convention Centre in Pretoria offers multi-purpose conference venues for business meetings/events, galas and exhibitions.

Times Square Conference Venue

Sun Times Square

The Sun International Times Square in Pretoria offers 13 conference venues in Pretoria which are suitable for conferences, workshops, seminars, and galas/ banquets.

Tswhane Events Center

Tshwane Events Center

Tshwane Events Center is a multi-purpose conference venue suitable for large events such as congress, exhibitions, carnival, music concerts, and sporting events.

Sheranton Pretoria Hotel

Sheraton Pretoria Hotel

The Sheraton Hotel in Pretoria offers conferencing venues/facilities and bespoke reservation services.

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