Minutes of Meeting Examples

minutes of meeting examples

Before we delve into the minutes of meeting examples – lets first explain the purpose – why the meeting minutes are recorded. 

Depending on the organization and specific situations – meeting minutes are normally written/ recorded to serve as a reference of what’s been said/ discussed in the meetings. 

Essentially, there is no one way/format of writing the minutes of a meeting – factors such as organization culture (formal/informal), meeting type and objectives will dictate how you write the minutes of the meeting for your organization. 

The following points are key the factors (examples) of what you should consider in order to record/ write the minutes of the meeting effectively. 

1. Meeting Basic Details

On top of the meeting minutes document – The document should include the meetings basic Details i.e, meeting name, date, time and location. 

  • Meeting Name – can be organization name+meeting type/description e.g. Your Organization AGM Meeting, or Department name strategic meeting. 
  • Date & Time – will be the date & times of the meeting e.g, 20 October 2030. 
  • Location – will be the location where the meeting Held. 


ABC Association Annual Meeting
Date : 20 October 2023
Time: 11h00-13h00
Location: Congress Center

2. Meeting Attendees Names

The meeting attendees names will be the names of the members/ people who attended the meeting (present). 


Present : Mrs name & Surname 1. Mr name & surname 2, Miss Name & surname 3, etc.

3. Discussion Points

Depending on the type of organization, meeting type etc, some refer/ label them as “matters arising”Key Points”Problems”Opportunities” etc.

Here, the key important thing is to record the important/key matters/main subjects  that were discussed.

4. Action Required/ Decisions

Yet again, depending on the organizations and meeting type this point may differ.

The important thing will be to record the key decisions or conclusions on the ‘matters arising’ key points mentioned above (discussion point) – key decisions made/ way forward.


5. Next Meeting

Finally, still depend on the meeting type organizations – but if its requiring meetings that happens maybe weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly.

If the date is set yet, normally the minutes of meetings will close with the next meeting date – overall it can be the closing remarks or conclusion of what is next.


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