Meeting Minutes Templates

Technology continues to change how people do things, work, collaborate, share information, and how minutes of meetings are taken/ recorded. 

in this blog we cover the best tech tools tool help you record the the minutes of meetings and create meeting agendas.

1. is an online audio-text transcription and note taking software platform which use AI technology to generate rich notes for meetings, interviews, lectures, and convert any voice meeting conversations into meeting minutes. 

The platform works with the popular/ leading virtual meeting platforms, i.e, Zoom Meetings, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams.


More about Fellow App [here]

2. Fellow App

Fellow app is a great tool for meetings ranging from 1:1 meeting, team/sales meetings to executive strategic meetings.

The platform key features include build collaborative meeting agenda, record key decisions and templates ready for meeting minutes taking. 

More about Fellow App [here] – View ‘meeting templates’ [here

3. Instaminutes

Instaminutes is an online meeting platform that helps with taking meeting minutes during virtual meetings. 

The platform works with major online meeting platforms such as Zoom Meeting, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams etc.


More about Instaminutes [here] – View ‘meeting minutes template’ [here

4. Fathom

Fathom can be a little bit extra different from meeting minutes taking software for formal meetings. 

The platform also uses AI technology to transcribe video audio recordings into meetings notes and highlight key moments for the meetings which can be shared with the stakeholders.


More about Fathom [here

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