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7 tips on how to select an events company

In this blog we cover top tips to help you select the best events company or streamline events companies for your next event management projects. 

1. Events Company Background

It is important that you conduct company background checks to verify if the company is legit. 

2. Industry Knowledge

Though experience matters, but it is better to look for an event company that has a deep understanding and knowledge of the industry.

You will need a company that will be able to play an advisory role on certain matters (at least their field) as the event industry (rules, regulations, technology, etc,) is ever-changing.

Therefore, you will need to select an events company that will be able to advise you on certain matters, not just a services provider.

3. Events Management Experience

Company work experience/ past successful events projects might be a good indication or give you confidence that a specific event company might be a good fit for your event projects. 

However, a lot of events management companies have good credentials, and work experience, etc, therefore, the number of years in the industry and past successful event projects should not be a deciding factor, but a signal that a specific company might be a good fit. 

There are a lot of factors such as projects scope & complexity, industry knowledge, work ethics, client/customers services, etc that should be taken into considerations not only experience. 

4. Skilled Team

Choosing an event management company that has a good team with the skills and expertise complementing each other, will be an advantage. 

Therefore, you should look for an event company that has a skilled team and expertise complementing each other, not just a big team. 

5. Project Management Skills

Project management skills are one of the top skills every event team or event management company must have to deliver successful projects.

6. Client Services & Support

You should look for an event company that will be willing to go extra mile to look for solutions and ensure your event is a success, not just an event management company with a skilled team and experience.

Client customer service and support should be one of the decision-making key factors.

7. Industry Network

A company that has a vast network of event services providers can be very useful and reliable as it will be able to reach out and procure other related events services within its network. 

Disclaimer: The list is not comprehensive, there are a lot of other tips and factors to consider when you select an event company. 

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