Top Reason Why You Should Choose

In this blog, we cover the top reasons why you should choose platform for your next events. 

But before we delve in the reasons to choose Slido, let’s explain the platform for those who are not familiar with it. 

Slido is a web-based audience engagement platform that allows the event speakers or presenters to engage the audience/ attendees using live polls, quizzes or crowdsourcing questions.

The event attendees/ online audience can be able to participate – ask questions, and answer live polls and quizzes using their smartphones, iPads or Tablets and Laptops.

The platform is best suitable for both virtual ( online meetings, conferences & webinars) and in-person business meetings, conferences and educational events. 

Below are our top reasons why you should consider using Slido for next business meetings and conferences.

1. Empower The Attendees

• Make your online event audience/ live event attendees part of the conversation by enabling them to participate in the discussions without ‘fear’ of being judged or speaking in front of the audience (small or large).

• Avoid only a few people dominating in the conversations/ discussions – give everyone, all (meeting participants, event attendees or online audience) the opportunity to participate and ask questions. 

slido questions

2. Create A Better Learning Environment

• Attendees/ audience will be empowered to participate or ask the questions as they will be able to participate as ‘anonymous’ without putting their names.

• Attendees can ask questions, participate in live polls, answer gamified quizzes, up-vote/ down-vote the questions as they appear on their screens.

• Attendees can decide on the questions or topic they want the speakers or panellist to discuss.

As a results the attendees will learn more from the questions asked and the polls and quizzes answered.

3. Save Time During Q&A Sessions

• Avoid long-winded and irrelevant questions – questions can be moderated – will be able to eliminate unnecessary questions and display the relevant questions best for the discussions.
• No need for a person moving around with the mic – attendees can simply ask questions using mobile phones.
• Attendees/ audience will be empowered to participate or ask questions than speaking in front of the audience – they can participate as anonymous without putting their names.

For education, classroom or business workshops – the participants don’t have to raise their hands to ask the questions.

4. Engage Before The Event

  • You can embed the Slido on your event website and engage the audience with quizzes and polls while they are on the website days before the actual live event. 
  • You can also use the QR code and paste it on event communication platforms such as event email invitations and website, etc, and engage the audience before and during the event. 

 The attendees/ online audience can also join the event by using a QR code scan.

5. Easy to Use & Sign in

The platform is easy to use, for both event planners and attendees.
• No software installation or app download required.
• Event planner can set up the event with just a few clicks and go live.

Audience/ attendees can just join and participate anyway using the #eventcode or link or QR code. 

We assist event planners host successful virtual events.