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Types of Event Venues

Below is the list of common event venues for business meetings and events.

1. Conventions Centres

By definition, convention centers are large event venues designed specifically to host large corporate events such as trade fairs, expos, conferences, exhibitions, gala events, summits, and concerts, at a larger scale.

Examples of conventions centers in South Africa – Sandton Convention Centre, Gallagher Convention CentreDurban ICC, Cape Town International Convention Centre.

2. Conference Venues

Conference venues are also event venues designed for corporate and business events, but much smaller in size than convention centres. 

The key difference is size/capacity, and some of the facilities, but conference venues are suitable for business meetings and events such as seminars, training programmes, and conferences ranging from 30 to 500 (+/- ) hence conventions centers host 1000 plus.

3. Co-Working Facilities

Co-working space also provides facilities for small business meetings and gatherings, ranging from 1:1 meetings to up to 50 group meetings

Examples of co-working space that provides meeting facilities for business include Workshop 17, the Work Space, Regus, etc.

4. Universities & Colleges

Some of the universities and colleges provide the venues such as auditoriums and halls for rentals to host events.

5. Boardrooms

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