Top 11 Features & Settings of Google Meet Application [2022]

In this blog we cover top 11 features & settings of Google Meet Application (available on free plan)that you should take advantage of to make better use of Google Meetings applications. 

Google Meet Application

1. Meeting Scheduling

Google meeting app offers 3 ways to schedule a meeting. 

  1. Start an instant meeting – this option allows to start a meeting immediately – once you click on it, the application will direct you to Google meet meeting dashboard. A pop up will show – you will get the options to invite the people via email or meeting link. 
  2. Create a meeting for later – this option allows you to create a meeting link that you can share with your stakeholders/ people you want to attend the meeting. You can share the link via emails or any communication platforms such as social media etc. 
  3. Schedule in Google Calendar – If you have a Google Gmail account – this option will allow you to schedule a meeting via a Google Calendar. You will be able to schedule a meeting and invite people with their email addresses. 
Google Meeting Scheduling

2. Joining Google Meet

If you chose ‘start an instant meeting or scheduling in Google Calendar, and invited people using the email – the invitees will get an email invitation with a link to join a google meeting. 

If you chose Create meeting for later sharing the meeting link – the invitees can invitees can just click the meeting link to join the meeting.

Google Meet

3. Meeting Attachements

Google Meet Application allows to attach documents such as PDF file and include URL links such website or YouTube videos etc, where you want direct people to get meeting info/resources. 

Meeting attachments can be added via Google Calendar.
Google meet attachement | Virtual and Hybrid Events

4. Virtual Meeting Backgrounds

Google Meet app offers inbuilt virtual meeting backgrounds and effects that you can use for your Google meetings. 

A well designed virtual meeting backgrounds has power to shape how the meeting participants perceive you.

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Virtual Meeting Background

5. Whiteboard

You can use Google Meet App whiteboard ideally for visualizing thoughts or highlighting key ideas during brain brainstorming sessions or for teaching purposes. 

More about Google Meeting Application [here]

6. Screen Layout

Google Meet app offer multiple screen layouts for better meeting experience. 

  • Tiled view – can show up to 49 people on screen, by default shows up to 16.
  • Spotlight view – shows only a content or 1 speaker. 
  • Sidebar view – shows a content and speakers on the sidebar. 

By default the layout settings will be on auto, which will switch between the layouts options available. More about the layouts [here]

Tiled layout sample/

Google Meet

7. People/ Attendees

During the meeting you can be able to

  •  add people (invite via email address), 
  • pin/unpin – pin people to put spotlight on specific attendees/speakers. 
  • show all attendees and chat.
Google Meet

8. Host Controls

Google Meet application allows you to control what the attendees can do. 

  • Share Screen
  • Send chat messages
  • Turn on thier microphones

More about Google Meeting Application [here]

host controls

9. Settings

Two important settings will be for audio and video settings.

  • Audio settings will let you choose the mic and speakers.
  • Video settings will let you the camera, adjust lighting and chose video resolutions (send & receive)

More about Google meet settings here [here]

Google meet settings

10. Close Captions

You can use Google Meet close captions to transcribe the meeting videos in real time.

More about Google Meeting Close captions [here]

Google Meet Close captions

11. Presenation

Google Meeting Application allows you do to presentations online. 

More about Google Meet presentation [here]

google slides

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Disclaimer: Features covered here are only for free plan.

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