Google Meetings - Top 5 Tools for Google Meeting App.

In this blog we cover top 5 meetings tools/apps for Google Meetings to help meetings and conference planners create better meeting experience with Google Meet meetings app.

1. Calendly

Calendly, is an online meeting scheduling software which allow people to schedule meetings online via calendly meeting app.

The application has a direct integration with the Google Meet app – when people book meetings, it automatically schedules the meeting in your Google calendar or Microsoft Outlook and generates a google meet meeting link sent to both you and the person(s) requesting a meeting. 


Calendly Meeting Scheduling App sample.


2. is an online audio-text transcription and note taking software platform which use AI technology to help meeting planners/participants take meeting notes/minutes on virtual meetings.

The platform has a direct integration with google meetings app and Google Chrome extension. 

All meeting participants/ attendees get the link of the transcript (in real-time) and after the meeting, you will be able to export the audio and text transcripts, and share them with meeting the stakeholders via a link.

More about here

3. Google Slides

Google slides is a free web-based presentation platform which will let you do presentations during your google meetings.

Google slides comes with pre-loaded presentation designs/themes [limited] that you can just use for your presentation and integrate with other Google tools for your Google Meetings. 

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google slides

4. Google Virtual Backgrounds

Google Meet app has a inbuilt virtual meeting backgrounds and effects that you can use for your Google meetings. 

A well designed virtual meeting backgrounds has power to shape how the meeting participants perceive you.

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Virtual Meeting Background

5. Automation Platforms, and, are the top leading automate platforms that you can use to automate your Google meeting app with other tools such as google forms, CRM platforms etc.

Disclaimer: The list is not comprehensive, there are a lot of other tools and apps that you can use to integrate with google meeting app for your meetings.

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