Smart Ways To Use Slido App For Events

In this blog, we cover the best practices and ” the smart ways to use Slido app for events” to help events planners and organizers use the platform effectively and maximize audience engagement at their business events, conferences and seminars.

We assume you are already familiar with Slido platform – if not, you can check our blog – Why Choose Slido.

1. Embed Slido On Event Website

  • Embed Slido app on your event website, and start engaging the audience days before the event start/ after the events, using live polls and quizzes. 
Slido Embed
  • Use Slido QR code to enable the attendees/ online audience to join the event using a QR code scan.

The QR codes can be used or pasted on the event communication platform such as email invitations event and website, etc.

Slido QR Code

3. Live Polls

  • Use the live polling to collect valuable insights such as attendees/ audience’s background, knowledge gap, learning objectives, and opinions.

4. Ranking Polls

  • Use the ranking polls to facilitate the meeting/ discussions and reach conclusion or collective decisions.

5. Ice Breaker Tool

  • Avoid any silent moments during event sessions – use the Slido app as the icebreaker tool to kick start the discussions amongst the panellist, warm-up or to re-engage the audience.

Click to see tips/ examples of ice breaker using Slido app.

Slido app word cloud

6. Gamified Quizzes

  • Make the learning experience fun and exciting by integrating or using quizzes with a timer and leaderboard.
Slido Leaderboard

7. Instant Feedback / Survey

  • Group questions (open text, multiple-choice questions and rated answers)  into a survey and get the results in real time.

8. Slido for Power-Point

  •  Create and add Slido polls, quizzes, and Q&A directly to your PowerPoint presentation and present seamlessly without switching applications.

9. Infographic Report

  • Use an infographic generator to create an infographic document/ report and share the results with your team and colleagues or audience on social media platforms. 
  • Use Slido switcher to switch between presentation slides and Slido ‘present screen’ using smartphone as a remote control.

The switcher works on both windows and mac pc. You can download here.

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