"Zoom Registration Landing Page" for Zoom Meetings & Webinars.

Zoom Registration Landing Page
Custom Zoom Registration Pages (Sample)

4 Ways to customize Zoom registration landing pages.

The event registration page and website landing pages are the first things (touch-points) event audience and potential attendees see and interact with before deciding to register for webinar events.

And they have massive impact and influence in shaping the audience perceptions, motivations and decisions to register.

A beautiful and professional-looking landing page can create interest and motivate people to register. 

In this blog, we share the best practices or tweaks you can make on the Zoom meeting/ webinar platform to help you create engaging registration landing pages and convert more audience coming to your zoom meeting / webinar registration page.


1. Customize The Registration Page

Zoom meeting platform allows customizing the registration pages – change the standard registration landing page and give a professional look and feel.

You can be able to customize the following:

  • Background colours to match your corporate brand identity. 
  • Insert background image.  
  • Font size and colours. 
  • Insert logo.
  • Vanity/ branded URL.
  • Header, footer, and sidebar.

However, you will require an admin or someone who is familiar with HTML/ CSS (a website developer), and an advanced plan (business or education plan).

2. Use Lu.ma

You can be able to customize your zoom events landing pages and list all your events on one page. 

Key Features

  • Gorgeous event pages
  • Custom event URLs
  • Embed events on your site
  • Invite guests via email
  • Email guests through Luma
  • Configurable email reminders
  • Analytics and attendance tracking
  • Enforce event size limits
  • Zapier integration
  • Export your event and guest data

3. Embed Zoom Meeting WordPress Website

You can embed your Zoom meetings and webinars on your WordPress website using the WordPress plugin. 

4. Zoom Standard Registration Page.

When you are using the standard registration page, consider the image recommended dimension. 

  1. Banner Image – 1200px x 400px.
  2. Logo – 400 x 400. max.

Ideal use the transparent image/ logo background.

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