Zoom Meeting & Webinar App Best Practices

In this blog, we cover the best practices to use Zoom app meetings and webinars to help event planners and organizer use the platform effectively and engage the event audience/ attendees before, during and after the events.

1. Zoom Registration Landing Pages

The events landing pages and registration page are the first touch-points your event attendees see and interact with. 

Your event landing page design, look and feel will have an impact in shaping your event audience perceptions about your events, and affect their decisions – whether to register or not to register for your events and webinars. 

A poorly designed landing page can make people be less interested in registering and attending the event, and a beautiful and professional-looking landing page can create interests and motivate people to register. 

For internal business meetings and events, most of the events are mandatory – so, a professional-looking landing page can help in shaping the attendee’s attitudes about the meetings and motivate them to attend.

2. Screen Backgrounds

Use screen backgrounds, however you will need to use greenscreen for the best experience or if you have sponsors and want to show their logos etc.

3. Integrate With Other Event Platforms

Integrate zoom app meeting / webinar app with other events technology platforms such as conference mobile app and Slido app. 

With the conference mobile app, you will able to provide your event attendees with additional features and benefits such as convenience and networking opportunities. 

The attendees will be able to access the event information and resources such as event agenda, speakers bio, white papers, exhibitors list etc, and the opportunity to connect and network with other attendees via the app.

4. Graphics & Animated Text

Use the software platform like Manycams to show animated graphics and text like announcements, audience questions/ comments etc. on the screens. 

5. Crowdcast Your Events

Crowdcast and live stream your events on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube.

You can integrate zoom meeting/ webinar platform with a specific social media platform or you can use crowdcasting platforms such as Restream and Crowdcast to live stream your events on multiple platforms. 

6. Add Fun Games

Add fun games such as pictionary, follow the recipes, show and tell, themed days, price is right, frame a week, online future telling. 

More games see zoom meeting creative ideas, and zoom meeting fun ideas,  or you can google “zoom meetings ideas”.

7. Integrate With Slido Platform

Slido is an audience engagement platform designed for business events, meetings and educational events. 

The platform is designed for Q&As, and to help the event organizers, speakers/ presenters engage the audience 

better using tools such as quizzes and live polls. 

Features include gamified quizzes, open text, multiple-choice questions, rating polls, ranking polls, feedback surveys and real-time results.  

You will be able to crowdsource the questions, allow the audience to vote on the best questions, embed live polls on your event website, download the results (in an infographic format) and share with your team/ colleagues, and the audience on social media platforms.

By integrating your Zoom meeting/ webinars or online events platform with the Slido app, you will be able to engage the audience in a deeper and meaningful way – engage before, during and after the events.

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